School Director of Postgraduate Research Studies

The School Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, with significant support from the School Office, will be responsible for a range of matters connected with Postgraduate Research Students. The principal duties of the post holder, which are subject to alteration, are as follows:

Recruitment and Admissions:

  • To work proactively with the Head of School, School Director of Research, Departmental Postgraduate Admissions Tutors and others to support the recruitment of new students
  • To organise, with support from the School office, the School-stage selection of applications to the Faculty and University Studentship competitions.
  • To oversee the PGR admissions process as carried out by the Departmental PGR admissions tutors.
  • To assist in the dissemination of information concerning relevant funding opportunities.
  • To assist in keeping School publicity materials up to date

Induction and Training:

  • To have oversight of the induction of new Postgraduate Research Students, both in relation to a formal School/Dept induction at the start of the Autumn Term, and individual inductions at the start of Spring and Summer terms where appropriate
  • To oversee the Departmental processes by which training needs of postgraduate research students are identified and training opportunities are accessed.
  • To oversee issues relating to Graduate Teaching Assistants, including their additional skills training and progress in relation to teaching duties

Monitoring of Progress:

  • To be formally responsible for the monitoring of progress of Postgraduate Research Students throughout the academic year, to deal, together with colleagues, with any issues arising, whether academic or personal, and to ensure that records are kept of any progress meetings.
  • To have an oversight of the annual review of all research degree students and the confirmation of registration process
  • To provide opportunities for postgraduate research students to make an oral presentation of their research and ensure that feedback is provided appropriately
  • To have oversight of the monitoring and supervision of students on a “working-away” registration
  • To arrange monitoring committee reports from postgraduate research students and their supervisors on progress and to make an appropriate report annually to the Graduate School.
  • To have an oversight of student extensions to and suspensions of registration


  • To oversee the arrangement of internal and external examiners as appropriate for postgraduate research students
  • To chair the School Higher Degree by Research Board meetings (normally two per year)
  • To disseminate the Code of Practice for Research Students and other Graduate School policy documents to colleagues and students, and to ensure engagement with university policies and procedures.
  • To make appropriate reports on postgraduate research student issues to relevant School meetings, in particular the MetESSC Strategy Committee.
  • To attend relevant Graduate School and Faculty meetings concerned with postgraduate research student issues and to raise any specific issues that require attention.
  • To oversee maintenance of information in the School database of PGR students.


Updated 21 October 2011

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