Responsibilities of Heads of School

The Head of School is responsible through the Dean and the Vice-Chancellor to the Council for the organisation and conduct of the School.

The Head is expected to fulfil all the following responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all activities under the control of their School are carried out in accordance with the University health, safety and environmental policies and procedures and in compliance with legislation, and that performance is monitored proactively
  • Have responsibility for all resource decisions within the School and for the submission of requests for resource to the Dean
  • Have responsibility for the effective financial management of the School
  • Appoint a School Director of Teaching and Learning and a School Director of Research, and delegate to them day-to-day management of teaching and learning and of research respectively
  • Encourage the achievement of high standards of teaching through course development, training and other staff development
  • Encourage good research practice, the acquisition of external funding for research activity through grant and studentship applications, the exploitation of inventions (where possible) and contacts with industry, commerce or other outside bodies
  • Ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for the recruitment of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development (CPD) students
  • Encourage and support staff development, including the development of skills, knowledge and experience to work safely, and to supervise students to do so. Consult with staff both individually and as a group and communicate School and University policy to them. In this regard the Head should hold meetings of the Academic Staff of the School on at least three occasions during the academic year as seems appropriate to the Head and/or other members of the School
  • Delegate to each Professor (whether established or personal) in the School the appropriate responsibilities concerned with that Professor's teaching or research or with the management of the School
  • Delegate to any Heads of intra-School groups responsibilities as provided for in the structural framework document for the School
  • Supervise the administration of the School and ensure the proper management of resources.
  • Have such additional responsibilities as may be assigned by the Council from time to time
  • As appropriate, approve or support requests from School staff for various schemes (such as the University study leave scheme, consultancy, permission to undertake research with an ethical aspect)
  • Administer School-level warnings for Neglect of Work and Unsatisfactory Progress, and refer such cases to the Faculty Director of Teaching and Learning or of Research as necessary
  • In the discharge of his or her duties and responsibilities the Head is reminded of the University's Policy Statement on Equal Opportunities.
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