Responsibilities of Head of Department (External Affairs)


  1. To provide leadership and strategic direction to the Department’s educational relationships with industry and employers through the Industrial forum.
  2. To develop the external interactions with relevant learned societies and national organisations, such as the Royal Meteorological Society and Institute of Physics.
  3. To oversee the appointment of visiting professors and honorary fellows.
  4. To oversee the Department’s student recruitment activities, through, as appropriate, the relevant course directors.
  5. To maintain the Department’s media profile through outward facing communications managed by the web editor and designated media contacts.
  6. To monitor and direct, through appropriate line management of staff, the outreach and public understanding of science activities of the Department.
  7. Through the collection of external comment and feedback, to provide input, via the SDTL, to regular review of the School’s teaching portfolio.
  8. To provide input with the Head of Academic Staff, through the SDTL, to discussion and decisions regarding the provision and implementation of new degrees or other educational proposals involving Meteorology staff.
  9. To contribute to the appointment of an External Examiner as necessary in consultation with the School Director of Teaching and Learning and to be available to chair the undergraduate and postgraduate Examiners’ meetings.
  10. To be available to chair weekly staff meeting, collaborating in scheduling topics for discussion.
  11. To be available to chair termly staff meetings and attend School Steering Committee meetings as required.
  12. To meet regularly with other members of senior management (Heads of Department, Head of School, School Administrator, School Director of Research, School Director of Director of Teaching and Learning), and contribute to the School planning process as required.

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