Responsbilities of SMPS Athena SWAN Champions

To take the lead across the School, working with the Head of School and Heads of Department, in ensuring that the School delivers on its 2014-17 Athena SWAN Action plan.

To promote the Athena SWAN Charter across the School and ensure that the principle of this Charter are embedded within the School’s policies and practices.

To lead activities linked to the Equality and Diversity agenda for the School, giving talks, attending staff meetings and consulting with staff as required.

To report to the School’s Steering Committee on an annual basis, collating information and data, working with the School Manager and School Management Office, and providing up to date reports on progress in the spring term of each year.

To convene and Chair the School’s Athena SWAN Steering committee, working with the School Manager to plan these meetings, and with Committee members to make sure that agreed actions are implemented.

To ensure that SMPS plays an ambassadorial role in relation to Athena SWAN.

To be local experts on Equality and Diversity matters, the associated evidence base, and good practice across the sector.

To work with the committee to plan for the renewal of the Athena SWAN award (in April 2017 at Gold level), to include:

  • setting up the self-assessment panel and leading the renewal project,
  • working with the School Manager to ensure that all data and information (from surveys, focus groups, etc) are complete and sufficient for the renewal,
  • supporting the Self Assessment Panel with drafting the different sections and collating the whole document.

June 2014

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